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Bit Fun is a differentiated faucet with a time between reduced gain requests and improvements over time. That is you can ask Satoshi for free every 5 minutes, plus if you wait 60 minutes you will get a much bigger balance as it is increasing according to the time. The site also features games including the popular dice game.

How to earn bitcoin free

The first step is to create your account on the site, click here.

After creating your account, you can use the games page as default to leave the banner with the balance counter visible, click here.

You define the time, that is, the longer the time, the greater the value you receive. After clicking on Claim Now, complete Captcha and receive.

9.9 Total Score

BitFun Review

Excellent site to win BitCoin. Works with counter that expands your income.

If possible, use it on a tablet as it prevents unnecessary power consumption if you can not use it in micro-computer.


 Automatically pays for CoinPot.

 Counter increases yields over time.

 Reliable website with security certificate - https